Duplicate and Corrected Receipt Numbers

Hello DONATION advisors. This post is particularly for our users in the U.S.A.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has an expectation about receipts that DONATION has never satisfied, which is that duplicate or corrected receipts sent to donors, who have already received an original receipt, have new receipt numbers, and have wording on them such as “Replacing # ….”.

There has actually never been a single complaint about DONATION not doing this from the CRA, or any organization using DONATION in response to a complaint from them by the CRA. Nevertheless, we will finally be changing DONATION to satisfy this requirement in the next few months, in plenty of time for year-end receipts and the inevitable requirements for duplicates and corrections that can come up.

My question for our users in the U.S.A. is, would this change be helpful to you, or just confusing? In other words, should we make this change only for Canada, and for the U.S.A. just continue issuing corrected or duplicate receipts with wording to that effect on them (“CORRECTED RECEIPT” or “DUPLICATE RECEIPT”), but the same receipt number as the original?

Thanks in advance for any Comments on this blog post, or email replies, helping us to decide about this.

There may be a later blog post for our Canadian users with a more detailed plan about how this change would work, for comments.

7 thoughts on “Duplicate and Corrected Receipt Numbers

  1. Further note to Canadian users: I just did some research, and it is no longer clear to me that giving new receipt numbers for duplicate or corrected receipts is a firm requirement – it may just be a “suggested best practice”. If I can confirm that, we probably will NOT change DONATION, because it’s really a large, complex change. I an writing to the CRA’s Charities Directorate for a written answer on this.

  2. Dan: Having been through a number of audits there has never been a problem with the Donation program because it does indicate Copy or Duplicate on a second receipt using the same number. There has been a number of issues with similar programs from the US where this does not happen. In a couple of the programs the donations are not even flagged as having already issued a receipt and consequently there are many duplicates unmarked.

    • Thanks, Clyde, that’s good to hear. At this point I’m going to wait for a written response from the CRA (which I know can unfortunately take a few months) before doing anything further, now that I know the change may not truly be required. Even if they say it is required, that should still leave enough time before the year end to make the change.

  3. Hi Dan, What you’re doing now works for us. So, I would opt to continue issuing corrected or duplicate receipts with the same receipt number as the original. If it’s not broken – don’t fix it.

  4. My preference as a USA user would be to keep the same receipt number with the appropriate “CORRECTED RECEIPT” or “DUPLICATE RECEIPT” wording.

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