E-Book Version of the DONATION Manual?

Would any of you be interested in an e-book version of the manual, or see a possible desire for it out there?

As you may be aware, there is a PDF version of the manual available from the page www.software4nonprofits.com/docs.htm, but I think it’s over 300 pages long so few users would want to print it. It contains exactly the same contents as the Help file delivered with the program.

So I’m thinking that some users who would like to read the whole help/manual cover to cover and have e-readers might like an e-book version. It would be easiest for me to provide an EPUB version (used by all e-readers except Amazon Kindles), but a MOBI version (for Kindles) would be possible too, though significantly extra work.

There’s no need to reply if you don’t think this is worth wasting time on. I just need to hear from anyone who thinks it would be a helpful addition to our documentation options.


7 thoughts on “E-Book Version of the DONATION Manual?

    • Thanks, David. I actually know that, and have Calibre, but as far as I know it’s a manual process, which would add another slightly time-consuming step to our release process. For the EPUB version, a newer version of the program we use to edit and automatically create the Help file, PDF version, and web help version would just automatically create it for us, with no manual intervention.\

  1. Hi Dan, Just want to let you know that I saved the pdf manual to my computer and read it on the screen. Works well for me!

  2. Dan:
    Personally, I would really appreciate having an EPUB version of the manual — I would likely make much more use EPUB Version than I do the PDF Version; it would allow me to read it at my leisure and not be sitting in front of the computer to do so. It would be a great asset in my opinion.

  3. I am a big fan of e-books – would definitely be of interest to me; I do use the pdf version, but would love an e-version!

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