Major DONATION Receipting Beta Test

Hello DONATION beta testers and advisors. We are preparing to release a new version of DONATION (3.64) with some very significant changes to receipting, particularly for Canadian users.

The changes are due to a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) expectation, which we had not implemented because it was very tricky to do with the current database design of our receipts, and we had not heard that a single charity had been advised that our method was a problem. However, the CRA is now apparently enforcing this expectation in audits of charities, so it was clear we needed to make the relevant changes. The requirement is that replacement and/or corrected receipts be given a new receipt number, and say which receipt number they replace, and that the receipt with the old receipt number be marked “Cancelled”. This change has now been made in DONATION for all receipts for Canada (English, Quebec French only, and Quebec bilingual) but not for the receipts for any other country.

Changing this required a lot a adjustments in the program, and also encouraged us to make a number of other helpful improvements that affect users in all countries.

Because these changes are major, it would be extremely helpful if some of you would try them out and get back to us on your experience, to add to the testing that Kwame and I have already done, before we release them for all users.

Here’s one way you could test this version, without affecting your current data:

  1. Carefully make a backup (off of your hard drive, as usual!).
  2. Do some fake receipting, including duplicate and corrected receipts, and whatever other testing seems appropriate based on the contents of the Revision History help page for this version, then
  3. Restore that backup to get back to where you started.

Another option of course would be to do your testing on a different computer, or in an additional database set up with the Database -> Switch Databases menu option.

If you are a Canadian user who is considering testing the mail-merge version of the receipts, please be aware that as usual, the updated versions in the installation will not overwrite your possibly edited versions currently in your C:\Users\Public\Documents\Cooperstock Software\Donation\Letters directory. You could make the same changes we made to your mail merge receipt template file (as explained in the Revision History page). Alternatively, before you install you could rename your template file, to save it, so that the install can install our version. You can find out the name of your receipt template file by going to Letters -> One Letter, clicking the radio button in section 1 of that window for Selected Receipt Information, and making sure the checkbox in section 2 for using the standard filename is checked. Then the full path and filename to your receipt template will be shown there in section 2.

If you do install our version of the mail-merge receipt template file, and had in fact made your own changes to the receipt, you will probably want to either re-make those changes in our new template, or rename your saved template file back to the standard filename, and make similar changes to the ones we made in it to allow our new features to work.

Even just installing the beta test version and reviewing the Revision History help page, and the other changed help pages it points you to, and giving us your comments on them, would be very much appreciated.

You get the beta version from the page

Thank you in advance for any testing you can do and comments you can send back to us, either by commenting on this post or directly by email.

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  1. Dan —

    The Beta page says the download is “3.64 Beta 3” but it lists changes between 3.64 Beta3 and Beta4. Should we wait for Beta4?

    Thanks, Frank

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