DONATION Receipting Beta Test (2)

This is a follow-up to the post Major DONATION Receipting Beta Test that we sent out late last week. Since we haven’t heard anything from anyone about doing any testing, we need to know whether any of you are doing so (or planning to soon) so we can decide whether to release it as is or not.

If you are planning on doing some testing, please let us know that fact as soon as possible. A time frame for your testing would also be good to know.

It would be wonderful if some of you could do some testing on this significant revision (particularly users in Canada) but we fully understand if you can’t. We’d feel more comfortable releasing it with extra testing, beyond what Kwame and I have been able to think of doing, but will release it without that if necessary.

If we don’t hear from any of you we will probably release this version late this week, with an announcement about it to all users in Canada in the middle of next week.

Thank you.