DONATION Mail Merge Editing Improvement

Hi DONATION beta testers. There’s a new version, that you may want to try out if you do any mail-merging of letters or receipts. You get it from as usual.

The big change is the following:

  • In the mail merge editor, the default template documents installed by the program now show thin grey dotted borders around all table cells, to help you see how the document is structured and assist in any editing you do. Those borders disappear when you print the merged document, save it to PDF, or email it – they are only visible on the screen. For existing edited documents where those borders are not shown, they can be added with a new menu option Edit -> Show Table Borders on Screen.

We’d love to have any feedback from your experiences, if you do try this out. There were a few other changes to the mail-merge editor, so if you observe anything strange, please let us know!

As always, you can put comments directly on this blog post, or email us directly. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “DONATION Mail Merge Editing Improvement

  1. Hi Dan, These are all good features and they work as you specified. Having the table borders visible in the basic editor will eliminate the need for many/most people to use an external editor. Having the emails printed in reports is also a very useful feature as that is the way we communicate with more and more donors. I could not verify the correction of the 2 bugs you mentioned as I do not encounter these situations. Klaus A. Schmidsrauter Hamilton, ON, Canada e-mail:

    • Thanks, Klaus. An external editor will of course still be needed if you need to change the table structures at all. But if you can work within the existing structure, that will be much easier now that you can see it!

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