DONATION beta: Emailing Improvements etc.

Hello again DONATION beta testers. I have just uploaded version 3.70 Beta7 to the usual pretest page We’d very much appreciate any of you that can give it a tryn and let us know how you find the new features.

One thing in this version has already had a blog post about it, namely the thin lines around table cell borders when editing mail-merge documents (displayed, but not printed).

But there are a lot of other things. Some of the largest have to do with the text bodies of emails you send with mail-merge receipts or letters. They can now have data merged into them too (like the recipient’s name etc.). Those emails (and also the ones for non-mail-merge receipts) can now also be HTML, though you have to hand-code that HTML.

The Report-viewing window is now resizable, has a Rerun button (e.g. to run it again with a different date range) for reports that prompt for dates etc., and I restored the old Save SQL button that was removed when we added the Memorize button. We also added the email address to a couple of reports, and added a new Contact Information report.

There are also a lot of smaller features, wording improvements (in both program messages and Help text) and bug fixes. Full details are on the Pretest web page, and the Revision History help page.

As usual, any comments or testing results would be most welcome! Thank you.