DONATION Batch Entry “Copy Prev” button?

Hello DONATION advisors. I have a new potential user asking for a feature that he was used to from Membership Plus (from which he is switching) and I’d like to know what you think about it.

The feature would be an addition to the One Date Batch Entry window, of a button called something like “Copy Prev”. The idea is that many donors in a church give the same amount (or even the same amounts, split between the same categories) each week, so you want to make it easy to just replicate their previous donation line(s) in that window.

It’s not yet entirely clear to me what this would look like, but one possibility is that if you clicked that button, the program would look up the most recent dated donation(s) from the donor whose line you were on, and pop up a message box such as:

The last donation for Dan Cooperstock, on 03/09/2015, was:

$100 for General
$50 for Library

Do you want to enter a repeat of that donation?

              Yes / No

It’s also possible that we could make that “last donation” information available in a popup tooltip when you hover the mouse above the donor’s name or envelope #. (Currently there is a tooltip on the name field, which show’s the donors address, phone # and email address, if they are present in the system.)

Is this an appealing feature to any of you, or is it just added clutter and complexity that you don’t see yourselves using? If I don’t get a significant number of positive responses, we’re very unlikely to add this. (Not that I’m pushing for it to be added – just soliciting opinions!)

Thank you.

24 thoughts on “DONATION Batch Entry “Copy Prev” button?

  1. I don’t think it would save any time for those of us who enter the check number for each donation entry. We would have to go back and edit each of these entries to put in the check number.

    Thanks, Frank Arthur

  2. Yes I would like to see this. We have a fair number of people who are on pre authorized payments with us and their donations are always the same.

    • Actually Norm Batch Entry is NOT a good way to handle pre-authorized payments. They should be done with an import file, that you can run every month (or at whatever frequency they come). Please see the Help on Importing Donations for details.

  3. We have a majority of donors who contribute the same amount to the same categories on a regular basis, this would be useful in our situation. Especially applies where donors are enrolled in pre-authorized monthly bank debit contribution plans.

    Thanks Leonard

    • Actually Leonard, and I replied to Norm earlier, Batch Entry is NOT a good way to handle pre-authorized payments. They should be done with an import file, that you can run every month (or at whatever frequency they come). Please see the Help on Importing Donations for details.

  4. I could use it but it would be for a minimal number of people. I wouldn’t want to have to take an extra step to each entry for most entries just so I could use it for 5 or 6 people.

    Sincerely, Beth

    • No, it would be an optional thing you could choose to use, if you hit an envelope for a donor that you suspected gave the same amount as last month. I see it as being especially helpful where there are splits, not just one amount for one category.

  5. Hi Dan:-

    I can see an advantage to the copy previous option provided it does not end up requiring a lot of key strokes to accept the previous amount. Perhaps when you select the box to enter an amount a window to the side would open and show the previous amounts. The option to select the previous amount would be either a mouse point and click or a key entry (y). Entering an amount would close the window.

    Regards, Brian James

    • It’s hard to see how there could be room for a window at the side showing the previous amounts, when you are in the Amount field. That’s why I suggested an option of a tooltip if you hover over the Name or Envelope #, showing those amounts, and also that it would be shown in a message box if you click the Copy Prev button. Then you would just have to press Enter or Y to accept copying the displayed previous amount(s), or N or ESC to reject doing that.

  6. Dan,

    I like the idea and would use it quite a bit as many of our donors give the same amount each time. I would hope (request) that the method not involve a lot of mouse moving around the page. Ideally, everything could be done in the vicinity of the entry blank through right or left clicks or hovering.

    • It would be an Alt-key to activate Copy Prev, then just Enter or Esc (or Y or N) to agree to the insertion of the previous donation(s) or reject that. Hovering (if we implement it) would be a way with fairly minimal mouse movement to see the previous donation(s) from that donor before deciding whether to click Copy Prev.

  7. I don’t know if this would be much of a time saver for what we do. We record check numbers so we would still have to enter data for each individual donor even if the donation amount was the same. If this were an option I’m sure we would try it out to see if it saves time for inputting data.

  8. Hi Dan, I would use the feature as most of our donors give a specific amount to a particular category each month.

    Doug Tapper Without Reservation

  9. I don’t see any particular advantage to this. Our donations and donation details are too varied.

  10. I can see that option being very useful I would use it


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  11. Dan: I can see this being useful in a number of situations and especially with regular monthly donors. The easier it is to activate and repeat the previous values will make it more likely to be utilized.

    • Hi Clyde. As I have mentioned to a couple of other users, if you are talking about regular monthly donors by some form of pre-authorized payment, that should not be done by Batch Entry but rather by Importing Donations.

  12. As I do not use the Batch Entry, I would not find this new feature of any benefit.

  13. I do think it would save time for some users, but then for those of us who like to enter the donation entries manually and like to verify our entries – we would not use it. It is neither an advantage or dis-advantage for us. Most likely we would not use it because of the increase chance of duplicate entries.

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