Help test DONATION Bank Deposits in QuickBooks

If you import bank deposits from DONATION into QuickBooks, and are using QuickBooks 2015, we would very much appreciate it if you could help us with some further testing of a problem one user has encountered. Please email us directly if you can help.

In case you are wondering, the problem has to do with how potentially ambiguous dates, like 11/07/2015 (Nov 7, or July 11?) in the import file are treated, depending on the Short Date Format set in the Window Control Panel Regional & Language tool.

Thank you very much.

3 thoughts on “Help test DONATION Bank Deposits in QuickBooks

  1. I don’t currently do this but I do use quick books and I could learn to do this

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    • You certainly might find that using DONATION’s Bank Deposits features to allow you to export the transaction to QuickBooks was worthwhile. It seems, though, that at present the import into QuickBooks only works if your Short Date Format in Windows Control Panel’s “Region and Language” applet is in the month/day/year order.

  2. OK, we have come to the clear conclusion that despite Intuit QuickBooks’ documentation that says that dates in their IIF import files should always be in the format MM/DD/YY (or YYYY), if your Windows short date format has the day first and the month second that can confuse it and it will reverse things.
    To accommodate that, the next release of DONATION will include an option in Maintenance -> Configure Bank Deposits to reverse the dates in the bank deposit export file for QuickBooks.

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