U.S. Non-profit Postage Permits

This is for our users in the U.S.A. Do any of you use non-profits postage permits from the US Post Office, as described at http://pe.usps.com/businessmail101/postage/designPermit.htm?

One user has asked us to be able to print them on envelopes, and if we are going to consider that, we’d like to know how many other users it would benefit, and what variations in the appearance you are using. If you could send us a scan of an envelope or other piece of mail with that permit printed on it, that would be really helpful.

Thank you.

6 thoughts on “U.S. Non-profit Postage Permits

  1. We use them but don’t see the advantage of having them printed on our envelopes. We take the envelopes to the post office and give them our account number and they take care of everything from that point.
    Thanks, Ray

  2. I just phoned our local office and he indicated that it must be on every Item. He never heard of an office accepting mail without it. He did indicate they prefer the red color but will accept other colors. Printing of the Non-Profit Permit NO. is required and the items must be sorted by zip code. At least here in New York

  3. Dan, we have had one for years and just dropped it this year. On my one bulk newsletter mailing I made the permit using Publisher, and put a single line ‘box’ around it in the top right corner. Here is a sample:

    Non-Profit Org.
    U.S. Postage
    Spokane, WA
    Permit #XXXX

    Hope this helps!

    • Thanks Becky! I do something similar. I scanned the permit from our pre-printed envelopes and import the mailing list into Microsoft Office Publisher and the scanned .JPG. At sometime in the near future I will be turning over the process to another person. I thought it would be a lot cleaner if it could be done within Donation. Being able to print envelopes with the permit in one easy step.

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