Cloud Storage Beta Test (2)

Hello again all. I hope those of you who celebrate Christmas had a good one, and anyone else had at least a lovely few days off!

Can I ask again whether some of you who have the Standalone version, use DONATION on more than one computer, and have reliable fast Internet, could please test the new Cloud Storage Service? I really don’t want to release it without more than our own testing and the two users who I know have tested it so far.

Again, you can find it at, and the earlier post with more details about this is at

The feature is sort of an automated combination of the techniques in the Help topic “Transfer your Data between Computers” and our existing Internet backups. It prevents the dangers of two users making independent changes to their own copies of the database, which then can’t be merged, and means that you never have to remember who has the current “official” copy of the database – the program does that for you.

Testing Rewards

Anyone who does any of the following things, prior to the official release of this version (planned for the end of this month!), who is currently up to date on their payments for DONATION, will receive an extra 3 months’ renewal for support and upgrades:

  • Find and report something that we consider to be bug in a new feature (something larger than a typo in the Help).
  • Point out a flaw, that we consider should be fixed, in the design of a new feature.
  • Do very thorough testing of most or all features in a new release, evidenced by a thorough report back to us on that testing.

I’d be happy to give the same reward to anyone who already did such testing, on request.

Many thanks!

5 thoughts on “Cloud Storage Beta Test (2)

  1. Hello Dan –

    I have the Standalone version of DONATION and use it on my Desktop & Notebook computers. I have installed & tested the new Cloud Storage Service. My problem is with the message that I get on my Notebook computer, which reads as:

    “Sorry, the user tanray on the computer TANRAY-PC already has exclusive control of the database, taken at 12/29/2015 14:30:02

    For now your only option is to use the program as read only.”

    Dan, this will not work for me, as the “bookkeepers” of my organization uses the Notebook computer and I only use my Desktop as a backup of what they do on the Notebook. We were moving data using USB and wanted to see how the cloud worked.

    Please help me to get the Notebook computer to work so they can continue to work on our 2015 data and get us ready for 2016.

    Any suggestions? Thanks, Ray

    • This is exactly how it is supposed to work, if you have run DONATION on the Desktop computer with the Cloud Storage Service turned on, and have not yet exited DONATION. As soon as you exit DONATION on that computer, and it saves the backup back to the Internet, and releases the control, you will then be able to access it from the Laptop computer. That’s the purpose of this system, to prevent simultaneous accesses.

  2. Dan – it’s Ray @ DFBC again. I send you a previous message about having trouble with the message:

    “Sorry, the user tanray on the computer TANRAY-PC already has exclusive control of the database, taken at 12/29/2015 14:30:02

    For now your only option is to use the program as read only.”

    Dan, please forgive me as I feel so “dumb” about what I told you. Now, that I see the Desktop had the program open then the Notebook could not use it to enter data. I’m sorry that I “wasted” your time over something that was so simple once I realized what I had done.

    We are back in business and will continue to “beta test” this cloud. Look good so far.

    We’ve used Donations for several years now and plan on continuing to use it.

    I’m open to any suggestions about what we are dong. Thanks, Ray

    • That’s great that you figured this out yourself. Is there any improvement you can suggest to the messaging that would have made this clearer? Had you read the Help, and did that help you understand?

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