DONATION donor-info only password?

Hello again DONATION advisors.

If we added a special password that allowed access to only donor information, no donation or receipt information, would you see this being of value to your organizations, to let another user use the program with that password?

Doing this would actually be a fair bit more complicated than one might think – it’s not just hiding a bunch of reports and parts of various windows. For instance, some reports like Reports -> Donor -> Mailing Labels have a hidden field, that you can Filter on (or export with Save As!) showing each donor’s total donations in the current year. All such reports (and other similar places in the program that perhaps unexpectedly expose donation information) would have to be found and modified.

If this sort of password interests you, please let us know by commenting on this blog post or replying by email. If it doesn’t interest you, there’s no reason to reply, unless you have other thoughts about this possible feature (other than that you wouldn’t use it)!

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “DONATION donor-info only password?

  1. I could see some potential use for this, but not a big one. Right now I generate reports by name and envelope number which I send to the parish administrator. The purpose is to have up to date donor addresses in the office for reference and to determine which envelope numbers are in use currently and which ones are not. Providing password protected access to the donor info only would mean installing a copy of the program in the parish office and showing the administrator how to use it. Right now, it is much easier for me to generate the reports upon requests (2-3 x per year).

  2. At this time we would not use this feature. It might be quite useful for a larger church where the congregation is more tech savvy.

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