Bank Deposit Slips and Cash Counting

Hello DONATION advisors. I’m writing to ask about bank deposit slips, which as you know aren’t currently explicitly included in DONATION. (Some users have found that the Bank Deposit Report in the program can be accepted as a deposit slip, but we are doubtful that would work for all financial institutions.)

Your answers to each of the following questions will help us decide what to do about adding such a feature (or not doing so!).

So my first question to you is, can you find out whether your bank would accept a report, in place of their official bank deposit slip, that included the same information, but possibly not with the same layout? That would mean it would have to include a list of the cheques (or other non-cash, such as money orders), plus a count of each type of coin and bill, and totals of coins, bills, and cheques, and a grand total.

Are we missing anything from that list of what would have to be on a report that might be accepted in place of a standard bank deposit slip?

Even if your bank would not accept such a report, would having it help your processes, since you could copy from it into the official bank deposit slip?

This would clearly require adding a window in the program for counting and adding up coins and bills. Where do you see that being called from? The Batch Entry window (if you use it)? The Bank Deposit window? Both?

Would you see a need for those counts of coins and bills that go into that deposit slip being saved in the database, so they can be reprinted in the future along with the current standard Bank Deposit Report? Or would you just need to do that as a one-time printout, and then saving the information is irrelevant?

Thank you in advance for your input! Given that there are a number of questions here, it would probably be best for you to reply directly by email, rather than trying to put all of your answers into a comment on this blog post.

5 thoughts on “Bank Deposit Slips and Cash Counting

  1. Dan,

    I believe my bank would accept custom deposit slips as long as the appropriate routing and account numbers were present in scannable form (the blocky looking numbers). I do not use DONATION to do our deposit currently… we enter data in DONATION after the deposit for tracking purposes. We do place a listing of donors and their donations for the week in an Excel spreadsheet which accompanys a “summary” deposit slip to the bank. This is a very rapid process for our church secretary as she doesn’t have to worry about finding the donor in the database or entering a new donor, etc.. she just enters in the spreadsheet in no particular order. She is fast at it.

    From strictly an efficiency standpoint, I could envision us switching the operation totally to DONATION, although we have a unique situation that might preclude us from doing that. Our church office has a separate copy of DONATION (and old copy) that we just use as a mailing label program. Thus it contains a different list of names than the version of DONATION that I and my co-treasurer use for donation tracking. So, I am reluctant to have the main DONATION program on the church’s computer for this reason.
    There may be an easy way around this.. I haven’t given it any thought.
    If I were to use DONATION for generating a deposit, I would prefer to do it from the one date entry window (but don’t really have a strong preference) and I would want a saved record of the entire deposit including cash.
    David Robertson
    Kingsland, TX

    • David, why don’t you use one of the methods in the Help topic “Multiple User Options”, likely the Cloud Storage Service (as long as you both have fast, reliable Internet) to share your database with the church office computer?

      I really can’t see how entering data on a spreadsheet and then into DONATION could possibly be faster than just entering it into DONATION. You can use Batch Entry to make it quicker, and can use the Find features in either the main window or Batch Entry window to very quickly find each donor – much more quickly than you could type their whole name into a spreadsheet!

  2. My bank has a new system and they do not need a deposit slip. All they need is the total amount.

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