Important DONATION Testing Needed

Hello DONATION beta testers.

The program that we create DONATION with, PowerBuilder, has a significant new release, and we have created a new version of DONATION with it. Although you should see almost no changes in DONATION due to this, for us it’s a big deal, and as such, we have jumped the version number of DONATION up to 4.00.

Although we have done significant testing ourselves on this new version, the only way to be sure it will work well for everyone is to have many users test it. So PLEASE if at all possible, try it out, by downloading and installing it from the page:

Unlike most beta test updates that we put on this page, this one needs to be done with a full installation program, which means you need to know whether you are running the Standalone, Lite, Network Server or Network Client version, and download and install that version from this page. If you aren’t sure which version you are running on this computer, use the Help -> About DONATION menu option in your current installation of DONATION to find out.

If you encounter any issues that you think may be new problems, please inform us of them as soon as possible, and we will fix them as quickly as possible. If something is a real problem for you and we do not think we will be able to fix it quickly, you can always revert to the existing version 3.86, built with the older version of PowerBuilder, by downloading and installing from the normal DOWNLOAD page:

As always, you can send us your experiences by replying to this blog post online, or by directly emailing us. In this unusual case, it would be good to hear from you even if you try this and don’t observe any problems, just so we can have some notion of how many of you have tried it.

In case you are also using our ACCOUNTS bookkeeping program, there will be a similar beta test of the new version of it within the next few days.

Many thanks.

5 thoughts on “Important DONATION Testing Needed

  1. If anyone installed this on a computer that didn’t already have DONATION, or in a new directory, you may have found that you got an error message about not being able to open the database, with something about fbclient.dll in the message. That has been fixed as of July 21, 5:30pm EST. Just re-download and install the correct version again from the page to fix that.

  2. I just downloaded the beta 4.0 and ran a test report – “donation – all donations – by date” and the last column printed on a separate page. This formatting will not work

    • Stephanie, that report is (and has always been) in landscape mode. You didn’t try changing it to portrait mode did you, by using something in the Print dialog box that comes up when you click Print? That would certainly cause what you observed. When I just printed it, it was fine.

      Having said that, I also tried saving it to PDF, and the PDF came out in portrait mode, which would cause the same problem as you described when you print it. I will have to look into that.

    • Hi again Stephanie. I just uploaded version 4.00 Beta2 to the Pretest page linked to in the blog post. This version fixes the bug that I found as a result of your report, which is that landscape mode reports saved to PDF were generating portrait mode PDFs.

  3. I finally got the Beta to work. Be aware, if you are running McAfee Total Protection, that McAfee Real Time Scanner will pick up DONATION as a “suspect behavior” and will quarantine it. Even restoring the quarantine will not make the problem go away – McAfee will pick it up on every run. The only way to stop this is to add donation.exe to the quarantine exception list.
    That said, so far the Beta is working fine. I have not noticed any problems other than what has already been mentioned.

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