Great new DONATION Testimonial

Hello DONATION advisors. I just wanted to share with you a great new testimonial I recieved (and have put on the DONATION website) from Aaron Knight of Friends for China:

“I downloaded it today, and moved my organization over to it today … and I don’t need any longer than today to know that this software is EXACTLY what we needed. Simple, fast, elegant, affordable – you NAILED IT. I’m tired of trying overpriced, klunky-kludgy, ‘web-based-cloud-baloney’ software. (laughing) This is just what we needed! Thanks!!!”

DONATION 3.44 – Bank Deposit Exporting

Hello again DONATION beta testers.

Further to my blog about DONATION integration with the new ACCOUNTS program or QuickBooks, at, I have now added features for configuring and creating bank deposits into DONATION, and released that is version 3.44 Beta1.

You get to specify which accounting program you are using (ACCOUNTS, QuickBooks, or “other”), which accounts in your accounting program correspond to which donation categories, and which donation Paid By values should be included and excluded from bank deposits.

Then you can create bank deposits, specifying a starting donation date to search from, and you can see all donations that the program thinks should be included in the bank deposit, and check or uncheck a checkbox to say which ones are really included.  Then you can print a report on the bank deposit, and export a summary bank depost transaction file for importing into ACCOUNTS or QuickBooks. (For ACCOUNTS, this requires the new version 0.31, also released today.)

I know that some of you have let me know that you don’t think many users really need or want this, and while overall I agree, I do feel it is a necessary selling feature for ACCOUNTS, and I would feel guilty about not also including it for QuickBooks (the most commonly used accounting program when I did my survey earlier this year).

So, if some of you could test this out and let me know what you think, I would very much appreciate it.

There were actually also a number of small fixes in previous minor versions that I released, without notifying either you beta testers or all of the other users, because they were quite minor. You can read about them on the Pretest page from which you will download this beta test version.

As always, you can download this beta test version from the Pretest page at If you have also been testing ACCOUNTs, and want to test the importing of the bank deposit into ACCOUNTS, you will need to upgrade to version 0.31 of that, either from its pretest page at, or via the Tools  -> Check for Updates menu option.

You can comment on the changes via the blog, or by email, as usual. Many thanks!

Restore Option in First Startup – Draft Window

Well, I wasn’t a whole lot clearer after seeing all of your views on this, but I think I’m inclined to include this option, just making sure it is extremely clear. The following is my current draft of this window:

Startup Window

Startup Window

What do you think? Any wording suggestions to make it as clear as possible, especially for first-time users?